theBeikon here.
I am a proud simmer since 2002, so technically I am a 'The Sims 1 child'.
I spend a lot of time playing the Sims and I will gladly post here some of my stuff. As well as reblog stuff by others.

I just got an ask, asking where I got Bethany’s hair. That ask made me remember I retextured it, but never shared it. So here we are :)
Peggy 7978 (I think… eep) in Lilith’s textures with Pooklet’s colors. 4 colors, Incendiary, Molotov, Depth Charge and Dynamite, grey linked to black. All ages, mesh included.

WIP. TS4 Loki Beaker. My process for creating Sims with the demo has been to recreate them out of my head first. Then, I pull up pictures (front and profile) on my second monitor and tweak. This is the out of my head version, so it isn’t finely tuned yet. Also, Loki’s eyebrows seem to be impossible, at least with the demo, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. And no dastardly villain beard. 

Bob and Betty Newbie
May their marriage continue to fail in Sims 4.

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