theBeikon here.
I am a proud simmer since 2002, so technically I am a 'The Sims 1 child'.
I spend a lot of time playing the Sims and I will gladly post here some of my stuff. As well as reblog stuff by others.

Mrs Crumplebottom. Grumpy as always ;)


Bella Goth, by Risastorm. i thought that dress would be good wrinkle practice for me! hehe i’m so happy with this drawing though. c:

that moment when you step back from the painting after working on it for several hours without taking breaks
oh my god what have I done was I HIGH or something are those two left hands? Yes they are what the shit is this kill me destroy me ruin me deliver me

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! 

Simple tanktops with robot arm!
Because I wanted to make something basic. The mesh based on HP’s untucked top mesh, so it’s kinda easy to make copy-paste recolors, since its kinda popular :)
The textures belong to Trapping (originals here), and the tops come in the original 8 colors. All morphs included and I categorized them as everyday, pjs, athletic and maternity in case anyone likes these recategorized separates *points to herself* :D
Credits: HystericalParoxysm (top mesh), Trapping (textures) and Freezer Bunny (robot arm)
Swatch (is not included this time, because it’s Trapping’s)